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Vampire Face Lift/PRP Therapy

Rejuvinate skin - Eliminate Wrinkles and Dark Circles


We have always been told to admire natural things. A natural beauty, some one who shines without the help of make-up has always been our dream. Various products right from organic food, mineral makeup and natural skin treatment process had always been our first choice of action.

    Almost every one of us had tried a homemade face pack, or a natural cream in order to preserve our youth, or preserve our skin. But still, year-by-year due to gravitational pull, diet, stress, hours in front of computers and phone, ageing takes the youthful charm of our skin away.

There are various methods to counter act the process and PRP or platelet rich plasma is one of them. Despite being a cosmetic procedure, it uses human body's remarkable ability to heal itself as a tool. Even though various modern high-end equipments are used, it at the end uses your own blood and rejuvenates your skin and fights the imperfections. More popular as "Vampire facial" due to the fact that it uses the patient's blood drawn form body into the face. With various models and socialites swearing about its benefits it is slowly replacing other alternatives. It's popularity has not soared just because of its effectiveness though it is a s close as we can get to surgery like results within a small span of time that too without using any external chemicals. For those who want to know more about PRP, we have compiled a list of Frequently asked questions below:


What You Need To Know?


1.How does it work?

PRP refers to Platelet Rich Plasma, which contains growth and healing factors. So small amount blood is drawn form your body, it is sent through a machine to separate other factors and PRP. Then with the help of few very small needles it is introduced to the skin. After this the growth factors in skin go up to 600% stimulating healing and corrections of any imperfections.

2.Is it very painful?

The process is painless if sufficient local anesthesia is applied.

3.What is it done for?

It has been long used my medical professionals for injuries and other cases that require fast healing. for cosmetic purposes, PRP is used for:

Acne scarring, hair loss specially in women, fine lines, uneven skin tone , sun damage, crow's feet, stretch marks

4.How long will it take to carry out the procedure?

There will be a consultation session with out doctor to understand your medical history and to explain the procedure to you so that you can take an informed decision. Then the actual process will take around 45 minutes.

5.How soon can I resume my normal routine?

After PRP you will feel like irritation or redness   and mild swelling at the injection site which will last for 12 to 24 hours only. You will be able to go home the same day.

6.What are the side effects?

Since it uses your own blood and there are no artificial or synthetic factors introduced it is virtually risk free of allergies. Common reactions are irritation swelling of injection site etc. All these are temporary effects, which shall last only for 24 to 48 hours. All the possible risk will be discussed with you during your consultation session before procedure.

7.Is it permanent? What results will I see?

Though not permanent it has a lasting effect on your skin. How many treatments you require, will be decided by your care provider but in general one treatment lasts up to 18 months. Generally for people below 40,one session is enough for people above that maximum of 3 sessions is required for results. You will immediately notice the smoothing of lines but full results will be seen in 3 months .due to introduction of PRP your skin will be tighter, texture and time will improve in 3 weeks. It is almost as effective as face-lifts, and is non invasive, mild and cheaper than face-lift so for immediate and lasting results PRP is the best method.


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