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Vaginal Tightening

Lady Lift

The LADYLIFT is a vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment. The LADYLIFT’s main indications include: to correct/improve vaginal atrophy, to tighten the vagina and to correct/ improve stress urinary incontinence.

Other symptoms to be treated include: vaginal dryness, burning, irritation, dryness and the sensation of pain and/or itching during the sexual intercourse.

In this treatment, a diode laser is used to emit an infrared light that penetrates the deeper tissues, without altering the superficial tissue. The treatment is non-ablative, therefore absolutely safe. The result is toned tissue and a thickening of the vaginal mucosa.

What You Need To Know?

During the treatment, a sterile handpiece and laser fiber are used. The unique LADYLIFT laser fiber emits energy from all directions of the fiber – a total 360° emission, rather than only targeting one part of the tissue at a time.

The desired tissue is treated safely and quickly without damaging the basal membrane.

The treatment stimulates neocollagenesis, resulting in toned tissue.


1.Will I really feel a difference?

In the vast majority of cases (95%) women report a noticeable difference in vaginal tightness.

2.Does the procedure hurt?

There can be some discomfort that is described as a mild pain or a burning, itching sensation. However, this discomfort is usually minimal and is very well tolerated.

3.Can I have the treatment when I am menstruating?

No. The ideal treatment time is during the first phase of your menstrual cycle.

4.Can I use tampons after the procedure?

Refrain from using tampons for four weeks.

5.How long before I feel a difference?

Results vary, but for many there is a noticeable difference within the first week. The full result will take up to four weeks as new collagen continues to develop.

6.How many treatments will I need?

For most patients only one treatment is required, however, some patients may require a second treatment if there is a substantial amount of laxity present.

7.Is the treatment painful?

This treatment is very comfortable! The laser penetrates deeply into the tissue without damaging the delicate superficial tissue. It is a non-ablative procedure, so special post-treatment care is not required.

8.Laser vaginal rejuvenation: what are the applications in Gynecology?

    •    Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation
    •    Urinary incontinence
    •    Vaginal atrophy
    •    Vaginal relaxation
    •    Pathologies associated with post-partum alterations
    •    HPV


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