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Tummy Tuck Surgery

I'm so looking forward to enjoying my new flat-tummied life!


A slim well-toned body is a sign of fitness and youth. It is easier to maintain a slim body during early years of our life.

    But as we get out of teens and grow older our metabolism starts to slow down and to make it worse our habit of eating outside, lack of exercise, stress accumulated from job, relationships and everything else piles up unwanted fat in our body even before we notice it.

While in few cases even someone with a normal body might have abdomen that sags and jiggles. Causes like multiple pregnancies, weight fluctuations previous surgery or even genetics can make our once firm and toned stomach like that.

Healthy eating habits, regular exercise is no doubt the way to go but we all know no matter how much we preserve or maintain it is exceedingly difficult to attain that body standard after the damage is already done. For those who want a flatter and tighter abdomen, tummy tuck is an appropriate option.

We have listed the most Frequently Asked questions by our clients to help you understand tummy tuck better.


What You Need To Know?

1.Is tummy tuck and liposuction the same thing?

No! Liposuction is no doubt an effective way to get rid of fat for lower parts of the body but in case of excess fat removal, excess skin remains and it fails to contract, leaving a saggy roll of skin.

While in tummy tuck, not just fat but excess sagging skin is removed.

2.How does it work?

Like the name suggests, it tucks your abdomen after removing excess skin and fat. It removes excess skin and fat and then contours your abdomen making it tighter.

3.Is it painful? How is it done?

It is generally under general anesthesia so you won't feel the pain. A small incision is made to remove excess fat and then excess skin is removed nad there bay be a incision scar matching with your skin fold or bikini line.

After that, the muscles of abdomen are tightened to make it aesthetically pleasing.

4.How do I know if I am a good candidate?

If you are an adult with the problem of bulging abdomen then you can be considered for tummy tuck. You must be able to meet the following parameters during counseling session with our surgeon- a good health, moderately fit, good muscle tone, no life threatening illness present.

5.What should I expect after surgery?

There might be swelling and bruising, which should go away in 3 to 6 weeks. You will have the drains removed after drainage stops, which usually takes 2 to 5 days. Since the abdominal area will be tight you must be careful about your posture for few days.

6.What are the risks?

Its risk is the same as in any other surgery. Risks associated with anesthesia, risk of infection etc.

All the possible risks, will be discussed with you during counseling session by your doctor prior to taking consent from you for surgery.

7.What results will I see?

Once the swelling subsides, you will see a visibly flatter and shapelier abdomen. You will achieve the body shape you have always dreamed of and will be able to wear all those clothes you always wanted to wear but couldn't wear due to the bulge.


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