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Surgically removes unwanted stubborn fat in almost any part of the body

Universally, we all want to look good. Year by year we make New Year resolutions to take better care of ourselves. We pledge to join the gym by the 1st of the year, get that summer body or lose certain kg's before a special occasion. But we also know it is easier said than done. Half of us don't have the time, half of us have the time or don't have the motivation and some of us can't seem to get desired results despite putting our best efforts.

There is no doubt that exercise and eating right is the best way to stay fit but sometimes, we all may need a little help to get rid of that fat and to regain our body confidence.

Liposuction definitely is not an alternative to exercise but it certainly is a step to reaching your body goal if done along with exercise and clean eating. For those who wish to learn about it, we have compiled the  list of Frequently asked questions below:


What You Need To Know?

1. How is it done?

Through a small incision, a small cannula is inserted to get to the areas our excessive fat is stored between our bones and muscles. Then a suction pump or large syringe is used to remove excess fat.

2. Who is a good candidate?

Any healthy adult with 30% above their ideal weight without any serious medical condition.

3. Which areas can be treated?

Most frequently the areas we see are abdomen, breast, hips, knee, thighs and cheeks for women.

While for men we mostly see abdomen, chin, neck and thighs.

4. How will my skin look after liposuction? Will there be scars?

The appearance of the skin post surgery will depend upon the elasticity of your skin. Skin with good elasticity will look smooth and natural after liposuction. a very small cannula is inserted so the incision or the opening will be very small so the scars will not be a problem.

5. What should I expect after surgery?

Hospital admission may be required for 1-2 nights for observation.

You will have to wear tight compression clothes for 6 to 8 weeks.

6. What are the risks?

It is relatively a safe procedure. The side effects may be darkening of skin in the area, infection etc.

All the risk and possible side effects will be discussed thoroughly before surgery with you.

7. What results can I expect?

Once we reach the adult phase, fat cells stop to create so the removed cells will be permanently. The results will be inches off the area making you look slimmer and giving a pleasing silhouette.

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