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Laser Hair Removal


Laser is a device which is designed to produce a specific wavelength of light which when absorbed in skin causes the targeted particle like hair, mark or tattoo break into pieces which then will be removed by body using natural filtering system. A more visual explanation can be made by comparing it with a game of snooker, like a ball goes and disperses all the balls light enters the body via laser machine and disperses the particular spot, or tattoo ink and that then is removed from body by a natural process.

With the growing interest in cosmetic procedures, laser today is one the most used and in demand procedure all over the world. It is rapidly gaining it's firm place in celebrity beauty regimes due to its non invasive nature, quick steps and the most important amazing results. It is not used in just one but various procedures ranging from hair removal to tattoo removal or face rejuvenation. It's popularity cab also be credited to the face that it is relatively painless than old procedures. It has been aptly named one of the "lunchtime procedure" since it takes as much time as a lunch break needs as well as the side effects are bare minimum or almost non existent so you finish the procedure, go back to work or play immediately!
At Aavaran, with the use of latest technology and well-trained staffs whose primary concern is your well-being and satisfaction we are ready to give you international standard results.
Listed below are the laser treatment procedures we offer at Aavaran Skin & Hair Clinic.

What You Need To Know?

Unwanted hair can be a nuisance for all of us. Whether it is that pesky unibrow or the hair growing on our hands and legs dealing with them can be really annoying on day-to-day basis. Laser hair removal is not the most carried out procedure in USA for no reason. Irrespective of gender, unwanted hair bothers all of us.
Even though there are various methods to deal with it almost every method comes with its own set of problems.
Use of razor is definitely the easiest, fastest and probably most used method but with it comes the stubble that makes growing hair hard and prickly and a shave hardly lasts for a day or two. Also not to forget those sneaky cuts and razor burns.
Then there is waxing which is very effective but the pain is real! Also you need to grow your hair to a certain length to be able to wax which stops us from wearing that cute sleeveless too or that beautiful dress. Creams are a real mess and half of it smells horrible, also to be honest I think we are yet to find a cream that does half the thing they promise.
So for all those of us who want a beautiful hairless body or face or clean chest and shapely beard laser is the best and most effective course of action.


1. Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?
Anyone who wants to remove unwanted hair from face, hands, legs, bikini line or any other part of the body .Also those who are interested in beard shaping, unibrow removal can be a good candidate.

2. How is it done?
First of all your hair that will be undergoing treatment will be trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface. Then the laser equipment will be adjusted according to color, thickness and location of your hair being treated as well as your skin color. Then a protective layer of cold gel is applied over the skin then pulses of light will be administered into your skin with the help of laser device.

3. Is it painful?
Our clients describe the pain as bare minimum, like being bitten by an ant but it really depends on your pain tolerance level. If u feels discomfort or pain you can ask for numbing creams.

4. How long does it take?
The actual procedure takes time according to the area to be covered and the thickness of hair but in general it will take maximum of 30 to 45 minutes.

5. How many sessions will it take?
Again, it varies individual to individual .For few 3 to 5 sessions is enough while some may need 10. Six monthly maintenance sessions will be required after first lost of session is complete.

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