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Freckless Removal


The perception about freckles depends entirely upon person-to-person and culture-to-culture. Some see is as a sigh of youthfulness and beauty while some see it as an unwanted blemish on skin. It is a small deposit of pigment in the upper most layer of skin usually caused by sun damage or regular sun exposure. For those who want it removed laser is a safe, minimally invasive and quick procedure that will help you get rid of those spots.


What You Need To Know?


1. How does it work?

It is done by targeting the melanin, which gives the freckles it's color. The last light absorbed by freckles breaks it down and then can be removed from your skin as a part of skin's natural exfoliation process.



2.How is it done?

You will be asked to cleanse the face thoroughly then after covering your eyelids and the laser light will be applied in series of pulses.

3. Is it painful?

The pain will be bars minimum but if you feel discomfort you can ask for pain relievers.


4. How soon will I see the results?
Immediately after treatment or a few hours later, you may notice your freckles getting darker. Over the few days these spots will migrate to the surface of your skin after which they will fall off naturally with your dead skin cells.


5. How many treatments do I need?
In general a series of 6-8 treatments are required to ensure good results.


6. Does it work on everybody?
Yes! If done correctly and full treatment regimen is followed it has shown positive results in 90% of cases.


7.How long does the result last?
It depends upon how you care after the skincare regimen. Care of skin is a continuous process and it shouldn't be discontinued after freckles disappear. It does remove freckles but if you continue the same habits that caused it before i.e. lack of use of sunscreens, long-term exposure to sun it will come back.

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