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Botox Treatment

The celebrities, actors and models seem to have discovered "The fountain of youth".

No doubt they invest an awful lot into their looks with their personal trainers, healthy diet, regular exercise and an army of make-up artists.

But years of use of muscle while talking, frowning, smiling and stress and various other factors show on anyone's skin. Though effective plastic surgery comes it with its own risk and complications,

for anyone whether a celebrity or a regular person who is looking for a simple, non-invasive and quick way to look younger in minutes "Botox" is the safest bet.

With many of the celebrities admitting to it's use and a staggering 29 million and above client base, Botox is the new elixir of youth.

At Aavaran, we provide the service with trusted brand which is FDA approved and all the process is carried out by our capable doctors and we have pictures to show our results. If you are thinking about removing that odd crinkle in your eyes or that unsightly crow's feet we would like to be of assistance .We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below to help you understand botox better.

What You Need To Know?

1. How does botox work?

It targets the cause of all those unwanted frown lines and crow's feet i.e. the repeated muscle contractions that we do while laughing, frowning in general living life. Botox basically is a natural purified protein which when introduced inside the skin, relaxes the wrinkles causing muscles.

2. Does it hurt?

Usually patients describe it "like a pinch". Since it is administered through needles it is as painful as any other injection .If you are not comfortable around needles then you can request for a numbing cream for comfort.

3. How long will it take?

As a first step we would like to discuss your treatment goals, our assessment of your skin so that you can make an informed decision. After that the actual procedure will take around 10 minutes.

4. Will botox make my face look like I have work done? How long will it last?

If you go through pictures of the celebrities you can see it can go both ways. Few of them look as smooth and youthful as 20 year olds while few look puzzled all the time with expression less faces which is reversible but still a picture can live for 100 years as a proof. What you need to understand is Basically it depends on the amount you use and expertise of the doctor. That is why it is a prescription only medicine and the treatment is to be done specifically only from a qualified professional. If you go to a licensed, trained medical expert you will not lose the ability to show emotions. After the procedure, the results will be visible within 24-48 hours. You will notice subtle changes like softening of lines starting from there it will last for up to 4 months.

5. Is it habit forming? What will happen if I discontinued?

Your skin will go to the exact state it was before botox, nothing more nothing less. It is entirely up to you to continue or discontinue it .But given the results of smooth and youthful skin you might want to make it a habit yourself.

6. What are the possible side effects?

The side effects of botox are generally temporary and affect the area of injection. All of the possible side effects will be discussed with you at the counseling session.

7. Is it a very expensive procedure? Is it time consuming?

We tend to spend a lot of time and money on facials, spa treatments, massages and anti-ageing creams, which are just superficial remedies without a guarantee. But botox delivers all that it promises and for a remarkably long period of time than the other products so we would say it a reasonable price to pay in long term. As discussed before, it takes 10 minutes of your time and you can easily go back to continuing your daily routine after consulting your doctor.

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