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Cosmetic eyelid surgery that improves both funtionality and appearance of eyelids

Eyes are the focal point of face. Million of songs written about its beauty are the proof of it. But sadly the very first signs of aging start from there. You don’t have to reach a certain age to see those lines visible.

Since the skin area around eyes is the thinnest, it is damaged easily not just with age but by sun damage, squinting, smiling, smoking, habit if sleeping only at one side or some kind of injury.

Though there are many kinds of over the counter creams to counter act the wrinkles, results they yield have never been 100% satisfactory. So for people who want guaranteed result, Blepharoplasty is the way to go ; it is a plastic surgery for correcting or repairing of eyelids (both upper lid and Lower lid) For those who want to know what more about it we have listed frequently asked questions below:

What You Need To Know?


1.How is it performed?

It is a surgical procedure in which small amount of fat and drooping skin is removed to tighten the skin and remove the wrinkles and other imperfections.

2.How long will it take and how painful will it be?

The first step will be a consultation session with our aesthetic plastic surgeon to fully asses your needs, help you understand the process and the goals of the procedure.

The procedure itself usually takes 1-2 hours. Since the procedure is done under anesthesia either local or general depending on the need, it will be comfortable.

You may experience a light burning sensation for one hour, which will gradually subside.

3.Will I need to be admitted at the hospital?

Immediately after surgery, you might experience some difficulty in opening your eyes due to swelling. This will rapidly improve by next next few days. You will be allowed to go home the same day after surgery.

4.How long will the healing process take?

There might be bruising and swelling that should go away in 3-6 weeks. The incision or wound will heal within 7 days to 2 weeks. Stitches will be removed after 5-7 days.

5.What are the side effects?

There are very few risks associated with this procedure like swelling, bruising.

All these will be fully disclosed to you prior to taking consent from you for surgery.

6.How long will I need to return to normal life?

You will be able to return to carry out normal activities within a week or two. You can also wear makeup or sunglasses to hide bruising and redness if present. Sun protection is fairly important for best results.

7.What results can I expect?

Your final results will be visible with few weeks after the swelling subsides .Your skin around your eyes will be smooth and firm making your eyes look youthful and alert.


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